Holy Family Church – Maroubra Parish


Ministries – A to Z

We rely on volunteers from within to help. Each Ministry is an invitation and an opportunity to serve and to be involved in the Parish community. Every little bit helps.

Acolytes – The acolytes’ main responsibilities are to assist the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist. They prepare the altar for Mass and perform ceremonial duties such as lighting candles and the ministering of the water and wine to the priest at Mass. A Working With Children Check is required.

Altar Servers – An altar server attends to supporting tasks at the altar such as fetching and carrying or ringing the altar bells. This duty is given to school aged children who have made their First Holy Communion and have reached Year 4 at school. Training is provided. At present we have no altar servers. Would you like to be an altar server?

Casserole Bank  – Volunteers provide simple meals in takeaway containers, which are kept in a freezer in the office and distributed to those in need or distress, as the need arises or on request.

Catechists – Serving our catholic families in our local public school- Maroubra Junction Public School, catechists conduct lessons or assist another in the lessons on either Monday or Thursday afternoons during the school day. A course is required and support is provided. A Working With Children Check is required.

Church Cleaning  – Our church is vacuumed professionally, but we do need volunteers to assist with the flowers. After funerals and special Masses and donations left at shrines, spent flowers need to be removed and the vessels cleaned or refreshed. Plants need to be watered. Garbage and recycling in both sacristies needs removing regularly.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – These ministers assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion to the parishioners gathered at the Mass.  Their role is one of service to the community during the mass. Training is provided. Your commitment may be once a month on a roster for weekend masses. Weekday masses (9.10am) also need Extraordinary Ministers of Communion. A number of ministers also distribute the Eucharist to parishioners at home and in our local Nursing homes.

Hospitality Team  – On the occasions when the parish has a function in the hall, whether it is a sausage sizzle or morning tea after Mass or a parish workshop, volunteers are needed to set up and pack up tables, chairs, and to prepare the serving of food and drinks. We also need volunteers to monitor the tidiness of the hall kitchen.

Kid’s Liturgy – Children leave the assembly in the church during the Liturgy of the Word and gather in the hall to celebrate a separate Liturgy of the Word that is more appropriate to their level of understanding. Having Kid’s Liturgy also enables parents to focus more on the Liturgy of the Word. Members of the parish – parents and teachers – take on the role of leader during the Kid’s Liturgy. A Working With Children Check is required.

Grounds – Mowing the lawns, maintaining the garden beds, and keeping the grounds clean and tidy.

Lectors – The lectors, or readers, are responsible for proclaiming the word of God from the New and Old Testament to the gathered assembly. Lectors are asked to reflect on the reading/s to be read prior to proclaiming these words from God. At times workshops will be held to assist with this vital ministry. Your commitment may be once a month on a roster for weekend masses. Lectors are also needed for the 9.10am weekday masses.

Mass Coordinators – This can be a shared role and entails coordinating the rosters for those volunteering within the liturgy.  The Mass Coordinator liaises with the priests and the office staff to ensure things run smoothly, so that those coming to church can truly have the opportunity to experience Christ in the Mass.  The role includes welcoming guest speakers, coordinate special collections and all that happens around a Mass.  Mass coordinators can introduce newcomers to other parishioners and they welcome your contact and communication.

Music Ministry – Musicians to lead the congregation in worship and prayer are vital to experience of the Mass. We welcome musicians and singers with skills enough to enhance our experience of the Mass. Support can be provided initially, if you are feeling tentative or need to gain experience. We have a new organ, which is suitable for use by pianists and organists.

Technology Ministry– A PowerPoint operator is needed for each weekend mass. Duties include understanding the use of the technology, preparing and operating the PowerPoint suitable for each liturgy, recording songs used for copyright purposes. We also would like new volunteers to learn the intricacies of the technology in the church, to assist our sole ‘expert’. This would include for example, learning how to use the video live for special ceremonies. The technology ministry could also include photography.

Sacramental Program – The Parish Sacramental Program assists children and their families prepare for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation. Catechists are required to take an hour lesson one afternoon a week for 4 or 5 weeks during the program and assist with practicing the children for the ceremony. Other volunteers can assist with setting up and packing up the lessons, hospitality, record keeping and certificate preparation.

Sacristans – Sacristans prepare the church for the Masses.  This includes washing the sacred vessels, replenishing the candle supply and maintaining the holy water fonts. The altar cloths are washed and the seasonal colours are changed when required. Brass and silver vessels are cleaned and polished.

Office Assistance  – A welcoming face and voice to visitors and callers, combined with some office tasks to assist the secretaries.

Wardens – The wardens assist with the collections and keep an eye on the congregation’s needs.

Working Bee & Handy Help– Occasionally the parish has a working bee to clean, tidy and maintain the premises. In between times, there is always something to assist with – something to fix, refresh or maintain.


Wish to Volunteer?

All Volunteers in the Sydney Archdiocese are now required to provide a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) & have signed a Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Code of Conduct (2021_Code-of-Conduct-WWC).

Holy Family Parish Maroubra are committed to providing safe and healthy places of worship and work for parishioners, employees, contractors, volunteers and visitors. Please check our Holy Family WHS Induction and use it to maintain your familiarity with our recommended procedures.

Please also note that we are collecting your personal information and may use it to send you marketing information and promotional materials. Read more about HFM – Parish Privacy Collection Notice.

New volunteers are always welcome and needed to contribute to the life of the parish. If you are interested in any of the Ministry, please contact the Parish Office on (02) 9349 1198 or email to [email protected].